How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

I read in a book one time of a child that had a near death experience and went to Heaven.   He later explained Heaven in such great detail as he talked about family members he saw, even sat on Jesus lap, but what I remember about the book was his vivid description of the colors in Heaven.   

I remember reading it over and over, then closing my eyes to imagine how beautiful Heaven must be.  

I don’t know if what this little fella saw was real, but he inspired so many people by telling his story, including me.  

After spending most of the day yesterday enjoying some time outside basking in the glory of the final days of summer, with a subtle hint of Fall in the air, I took my nieces to a favorite childhood spot that I hadn’t  been to in many years. 

“Beauty Mountain”  

My first thought, How did I not appreciate this when I was younger?   My second thought, I need a place like this to come to everyday and just be alone with God.   My third thought as the sun was warm on my face, You are here, aren’t you God?  My fourth thought, HOW BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN MUST BE!

I prayed for my family.  I prayed for dear friends.  I thanked God that He showed me that just because I may not feel Him some days and He’s not speaking to me as I think He should…He is still there.    He’s all around me.   He never left me.  

The words BE STILL kept echoing in my mind and even in my heart yesterday.   I’m pretty sure that was God telling me that everything is going to be alright.   

You really are here, aren’t you God?

We read of a place that’s called heaven,

It’s made for the pure and the free;

These truths in God’s word He has given,

How beautiful heaven must be.
How beautiful heaven must be

Sweet home of the happy and free;

Fair haven of rest for the weary,

How beautiful heaven must be.
In heaven no drooping nor pining,

No wishing for elsewhere to be;

God’s light is forever, there shining,

How beautiful heaven must be.
How beautiful heaven must be

Sweet home of the happy and free;

Fair haven of rest for the weary,

How beautiful heaven must be.
The angels so sweetly are singing,

Up there by the beautiful sea;

Sweet chords from their gold harps are ringing,

How beautiful heaven must be.
How beautiful heaven must be

Sweet home of the happy and free;

Fair haven of rest for the weary,

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be ❤️

My very own fairytale (according to Adam)

Adam:  Mom, did you ever know anyone that got married and didn’t even know each other?

Me:  No 

Adam:  you know, like Cinderella?

Me:  That’s just a fairy tale. 

Adam:  Mom, you should be married by morning.  Now go find yourself a husband!!    

Me: (speechless)

What If I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again?

I am sitting at home and this text appears on my phone.

Cheer up, sweet beautiful girl you are going to love again and it will be magnificent.

I sent a reply back simply saying, “Thank you for thinking of me.  But maybe I don’t want to fall in love again.”

After some conversation back and forth we said good night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the text.   Those words that  made me feel like I had to fall in love again, like it was almost a sin to stay single!!

Well, maybe I loved so much and so deeply I don’t know how to love someone else.   Is that really a bad thing to have given your heart and soul to the person you vowed to give your life to?    I didn’t break the vows.  I had zero intention of ever being in a situation where someone felt the need to text me such a ridiculous statement.

I know they meant well.
I just don’t think about things as other people do, I guess.   There are so many ways to fall in love and it doesn’t have to include a man.

  1. Fall in love with God.  Let him show you what true love and Unconditional love is all about.   When in doubt remember He gave his life for you. No Greater Love.
  2. Fall in love with your kids.    Who else would you want to kiss and cuddle?  Enjoy every second with them.  Every day with them is a precious gift from God.   I never want to look back and remember all the days I could have spent with my kids.
  3. Fall back in love with yourself.    Oh, this was hard for me.  It still is.   As a matter of fact this one is still a work in progress….I’ll leave this one as under construction. 
  4. Fall in love with friendships and family.  With your co-workers (let’s clarify this…not literally people!!!)
  5. Fall in love with strangers.   Instead of being critical or hurtful.  Stop and listen. So what….we may not agree, but agree to disagree and move on, but before you move on, don’t forget to show them a little bit of kindness.  After all, what would Jesus do?
  6. In this life there will be people that just aren’t going to like you no matter what you do….Love them anyway!!

So maybe I have already fallen in love a few times.     To have loved too much in your life, is that really a bad thing?

I was in love once and it was pretty magnificent.

you are going to be in love again……

Sorry Mam, This seat is taken. 

Let me set the scene:

Liberty University. Over 5,000 students from all over the world come to a “college for a weekend” visit.  It’s the last night of College for a Weekend and I drive to Lynchburg to pick up my niece to attend a Newsboys Concert.

We had awesome seats.   The row we were in was quite full except three empty seats beside me.  A lady comes over and asks if the seats were taken. Before I knew it, I looked at her and said “yes, they are!”

My niece looked at me quite confused as she loudly stated that no one was using the seats.  “Oh my gosh, you are right!!!  Mam, I’m so sorry, these seats are available!”  I told her as she was getting comfortable in the seats behind me.

She laughed and said “It’s ok!  Obviously God wants Those seats for someone else.”  We exchanged laughs, some small talk and wished each other well.

As I was getting comfortable, a young lady and her two friends asked if the seats next to me were taken.  I kindly offered them the seats, but not after me and the lady, who was now sitting behind me,  gave each other a quick smile.

Little did we know, I think God was actually saving the seat for this beautiful young lady.

Scene set.

I thought I could talk, but this beautiful bundle of sunshine didn’t hold a candle to my conversation skills.   She immediately asked me where we were from. She then told me she was from Charlotte, NC.   Our conversation began with how much I loved Charlotte. I told her I was traveling there within the month to go to a Ben Rector/NeedToBreathe concert soon.

It was then I asked her what she thought about CFAW. She beamed with excitement as she told me everything she did that weekend up until finding the seat next to me.    She seemed to really feel at home at LU.

I asked her what her major was going to be.

That’s when the conversation turned very serious as she told me a story.  (Story I will do my best to tell as she told me).

I had just gotten over a very bad break up from someone who I knew was not “the one” that God wanted me to be with.  He wanted to do things that I was not comfortable with and I struggled with what to do. I finally ended it with him because I wanted to keep myself pure.    

My friend asked me to help deliver flowers to our local hospital, and I reluctantly agreed. Little did I know it would change my path and direct me into my future career.   As we walked through the halls of the hospital delivering flowers, I began to notice the people. The thought crossed my mind as to if they were saved.  I delivered flowers to a room. We were supposed to drop the flowers off and leave. But I couldn’t leave. Not until I knew if this lady was ready to die and go to Heaven. It was right there in that hospital room, that I led her to the Lord.  Same thing happened in the next room.  And before I knew it, I spent the day at the hospital delivering flowers and telling people about Jesus. 

(Let me clarify that this beautiful young lady is only 16 years old!!   So wise for her young age!)

My dad and I don’t get along.  When I went home that evening and I told him that I wanted to go into “ladies ministry” he got very angry and told me that he will refuse to pay for something that i will never be able to do anything with.   When I told him I was going to go to CFAW he told me that he will not pay for my college if I decide to go to LU.    

I told him he didn’t have to pay because “Jesus paid it all”

By that time, I had tears welling up in my eyes.   Before I knew it, I leaned over and started hugging her and telling her I was so proud of her.

We took a break from her story when she asked me mine……

My response:  I’m just a divorced mom with two kids. Nothing special.

She looked at me in shock!

That’s all?    You are so much more than that!  You are so beautiful and kind and I can’t imagine why your husband left you.   But I can tell you this. You are worth so much more. God has a plan for you!   Maybe his plan is for you to be a blessing to me!

More tears.

After talking  for what seemed like hours, I looked at her and told her that I was so proud of her.  I told her that I know (I know. I know) God has some amazing plans for her life.  Don’t give up.  Obey her father, but don’t forget about her Heavenly Father and the plans He has for her life.    Pray fervently and ask God to open the right doors and close the wrong ones.

And no matter what happens, don’t forget to thank Him for what he has done and for what He is going to do in your life!

I know this young lady will go far in whatever she decides to do with her life. She is on fire for God!

The concert started.  She would jab me every now and then when the singers would talk about pretty much what we had spent the previous hours discussing, we both agreed it was God basically agreeing that she’s going to be ok!

Before we parted ways that night, we exchanged another hug and I whispered in her ear, “God has big plans for you young lady, I can’t wait to see what happens!

Last night while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post on her wall stating she had applied for LU earlier than what she had planned.  I gave the big “thumbs up” sign.  This morning I woke to this message.  

I’m a divorced mom of two kids, nothing special. “

That seat next to me, the one that I told the First Lady who tried to sit there that it was occupied…… God was sitting in that seat.

He knew a little girl needed encouragment. And he knew this “divorced mom of two kids” need to be the one to encourage her.

He also knew that I needed some encouragement myself.

Isn’t it funny how things just work out?

I’m so glad God saved that seat!

Job 13:15


Job 13:15
Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him….

Short and Simple!
Hope everyone has a wonderful, beautiful, blessed day!!!

Black Friday

Quotes at my house on Black friday!

I don’t care of you go outside…just don’t kill each other.  And if you do, make sure there is no blood!!  I hate the sight of blood before breakfast!

Oh, I just burned my bacon…I better stop dancing!

Are you twerking in the fridge again?

I’m going to need you to close your eyes when you take the first bite of french toast, that way you can thank Jesus for blessing you with your awesome mom who just made killer french toast!!!

This house smells like bacon, looks like a train wreck and sounds like a dance club!!
Loving my Black Friday!!



Whatever you want to call it, ’tis the season to let someone know you are thinking about them.  sometimes a simple Thank You or a phone call just to let them know that they are on your mind can make someone’s entire week!!!

It is also a time to reflect on what is important in your life, or maybe things you are grateful for.

How do I even begin?

Here is my thankful list in no particular order:

  1. My strong faith in God
  2. My two beautiful children
  3. The Past, Present and Future
  4. My furry kids.
  5. My Daddy
  6. My Momma
  7. Sisters
  8. Extended Family
  9. Photography
  10. Pottery
  11. Cheesecake
  12. My church family
  13. Health
  14. Teenagers
  15. Books
  16. Awanas…Kids, volunteers and the ability to make a difference in these kids lives!
  17. Chocolate
  18. Red Bull
  19. Haiti
  20. Pandora
  21. Homeschooling
  22. Passport stamps
  23. Blogging
  24. All Four Seasons
  25. My Ex Husband
  26. My squeaky ceiling fan
  27. Snooze button
  28. Cell Phone
  29. Pictures
  30. Ability to forgive
  31. …..and forget
  32. Lifetime movies
  33. Unsweetened tea
  34. Roller Coasters
  35. Sports Bras
  36. Yoga pants
  37. Naturally curly hair……and my Flat iron
  38. my couch
  39. Lawn Mower
  40. Crushed ice
  41. Matching Socks
  42. Good Night Prayers
  43. Good Morning Kisses
  44. Grass Stained Football pants
  45. Mismatched socks
  46. Frozen Blueberries
  47. Disabilities
  48. Breakfast Food
  49. Naps
  50. Netflix
  51. SnapChat
  52. Sad songs
  53. Flowers
  54. Random dancing in the kitchen
  55. Ice Cream and Milk
  56. unconditional love
  57. Missing Shoes
  58. Long Drives
  59. sleepovers
  60. Best Friends
  61. Old Friends
  62. New Friends
  63. New Relationships
  64. Cartwheels
  65. Trampolines
  66. MEMORIES!!!!

This is my short list!!!

Many blessing to each one of you who follow my Blog.    Have a happy and safe Holiday!!!

Until next time….Make your own thankful list!!!!