Baby Powder and the Powerball

The day started when I found out that I was not an instant Billionaire…..

The moment I realized my dreams of flying to my own private island today was not an option, I begrudgingly shuffled to the shower and began my day!

It wasn’t until I looked at my lotto ticket later, much to my surprise, I WON!!!!    


Ok, so I really did spend it all in one place…I bought a Red Bull!

After the shower, I went to my bed to apply lotion.   I sat on the bed when a puff of white powder shot out from between my legs!

My first thought…, well…..I have been single for quite some time….

Then I thankfully realized that I sat on a full container of Baby Powder!!

Wet body, lotion and Baby Powder don’t mix!

Since I had to go to work like every other American that didn’t win the Powerball, I decided to declare today “Casual Thursday” at work as I put on my fluffy sweater and Brown leggings.

I spent most of my morning at my desk when I got up to run some errands.   Just happened to look down at the Black chair, that was now covered in white powder….maybe not the best day to wear leggings after being attacked by Baby Powder!

My butt looked like a failed attempt at smuggling cocaine!!


The “used to be” Black chair!!


It’s safe to say that this might not be my day….ok, so maybe WEEK!

At least I still have humor…..That is Free!!

Ok all you losers, get back to Work!!!

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