Enough about me…

I teach 3rd-5th grade Sunday School…It can be very entertaining at this age.    My son is in my class along with a set of twins, adorable bossy little girls who never give him a break.

This is the conversation from my class yesterday:

Me:  Good morning girls!!  How was Christmas?

Girls:  It was great, we got…….(insert gifts here)

Me:  Adam, tell the girls what you got for Christmas!

Adam:  I got……(insert girls interrupting him to talk about themselves)

Me:  That sounds like a great Christmas Girls!!!    Adam, why don’t you tell them what you got for Christmas now.

Adam:  I got……(Insert girls interrupting again)

Me:  (laughing)

Adam:  Enough about me!!! Please, let’s talk about YOU! (as he glared at the girls!)

Girls:  Ok…..(as they kept on talking)

He is going to be a good husband someday!!!

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