Would you Rather?

My son and I play a game called Would You Rather.   He asks questions and I have to decide which answer would be best based on the answers that he provides.    Tonight we were in the car and he started a game.

Adam:  Mom, would you rather live in a haunted house or a deserted island?

Me:  A deserted island.

Adam:  Would you rather sleep in a boat or make a treehouse in the rainforest?

Me:  Treehouse.

Adam:  would you rather eat sand or fish?

Me:  Fish

Adam:  Ok, so if you get stuck on a deserted island, you are going to need a knife and a toaster.  

Me:  A toaster???   There is no electricity on a deserted island!!!    Why would I need a toaster anyway?

Adam:  How are you going to cook the fish?


Adam:  Mom, would you rather eat green broccoli or white broccoli?

Me:  White broccoli?

Adam:  You know…cauliflower!!

My prayer tonight:  Dear Lord bring my son a good woman someday so he won’t starve!!!

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