I remember my Mom saying “I pray you have a kid just like you!!”   Did my mother curse me!   

She is a teenager.  So, of course, we don’t get along 99.9% of the time.   

Yep, I’m talking about my daughter.  13 going on 30 some days.  13 reverting back to a 5 year old most days!    

No one told me about the mood swings, the constant embarrassment of not wanting to be kissed in public anymore, the “Geez mom!!  I can do this myself” phase.     I wasn’t prepared for the sass and the rolling of eyes.   But here I am….raising a beautiful long legged sassy teenager. 

I’ve become aware while watching most mother and daughter interactions that this phase we are going through is quite normal.   Mom, you embarrass me seems to be the theme among 12-16 year olds these days.   So, I am ecstatic that we have actually reached a milestone because to some, it may look terribly disrespectful and annoying to watch a teenager….well act like a teenager.    But I see it as Oh my goodness, she’s acting like a teenager!!    It makes this Mom happy!!

Tonight, she came home from spending the day with her dad at work. (He’s an Emergency Room Psysician)  She came in telling me about blocked tear ducts, broken bones and some people with apparent undisclosed Illnesses.    I listened intently as she told me about her day at work with Dad.   

Then she did it…..We did it together……

We both took off our bras.   Threw them on the floor.   She looked at me and said, “I have never felt so ‘free’ in my life….ahhhhhh!”     We went to the living room, cuddled on the recliner, turned on Pitch Perfect 2 and had a Mother/Daughter bonding experience.  

who knows what tomorrow will bring.   Probably another attitude.  Maybe a “Mom, you are embarrassing me!!”     

So tonight, I will celebrate our bra-less bonding and my teenager being a teenager!!

It’s the little things!


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