First Day of School….and the Stalkers


I missed orientation last evening because of everything else I had to do, so his Father graciously took him for me…

Me:  So, are any of your friends in class with you this year?

Adam:  Yes, (and he named some of the names)

Me:  _____ isn’t in your class this year?

Adam:  No, thank goodness!  He always gets everyone in trouble and he won’t stop talking!!

Me:  Oh, that is good then.

Adam:  ______ and ______ are in class with me.

(Apparently they are his ex girlfriends)

Me:  Uh oh, two old girlfriends.  How are you going to handle that?

Adam:  Mom, you really have no idea the amount of stress I am under.   These girls are stalkers!!!

Me:  Stalkers?

Adam:  Yes, they just butt into my personal life and make my life miserable.

Me:  (Good Grief….sigh)

Well, he is officially off to his first day of school.  I really hope that it all works out for him.  I cannot possibly imagine the stress he must be under.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School….and the Stalkers

  1. Alexa Drakkon-Lugosi says:

    They go back early! My younger siblings don’t go back until next month. Stalker girlfriends already? Maybe a pitchfork would keep them at bay? (Kidding, kidding)


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