Would the Tooth Fairy Approve?

The moment you realize your kids have the same twisted sense of humor you have and you don’t know if you should be proud or scared!!

Adam got two teeth pulled yesterday. Last nights conversation went like this:

Adam: Mom, just go ahead and give me $20 since I don’t believe in the tooth fairy. Oh yeah, I’d like to keep my teeth.   Do you have a hammer?

(As he leaves singing…..Gonna lay down my burdens down by the riversidešŸŽ¶)

Me: (speechless)

2 thoughts on “Would the Tooth Fairy Approve?

  1. Oh the times my own sense of humor has stared me in the face from a much younger, much less filtered mind! I would say you are in for (and have likely been on) an amazing ride with that boy. Enjoy every minute of it!

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