What If I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again?

I am sitting at home and this text appears on my phone.

Cheer up, sweet beautiful girl you are going to love again and it will be magnificent.

I sent a reply back simply saying, “Thank you for thinking of me.  But maybe I don’t want to fall in love again.”

After some conversation back and forth we said good night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the text.   Those words that  made me feel like I had to fall in love again, like it was almost a sin to stay single!!

Well, maybe I loved so much and so deeply I don’t know how to love someone else.   Is that really a bad thing to have given your heart and soul to the person you vowed to give your life to?    I didn’t break the vows.  I had zero intention of ever being in a situation where someone felt the need to text me such a ridiculous statement.

I know they meant well.
I just don’t think about things as other people do, I guess.   There are so many ways to fall in love and it doesn’t have to include a man.

  1. Fall in love with God.  Let him show you what true love and Unconditional love is all about.   When in doubt remember He gave his life for you. No Greater Love.
  2. Fall in love with your kids.    Who else would you want to kiss and cuddle?  Enjoy every second with them.  Every day with them is a precious gift from God.   I never want to look back and remember all the days I could have spent with my kids.
  3. Fall back in love with yourself.    Oh, this was hard for me.  It still is.   As a matter of fact this one is still a work in progress….I’ll leave this one as under construction. 
  4. Fall in love with friendships and family.  With your co-workers (let’s clarify this…not literally people!!!)
  5. Fall in love with strangers.   Instead of being critical or hurtful.  Stop and listen. So what….we may not agree, but agree to disagree and move on, but before you move on, don’t forget to show them a little bit of kindness.  After all, what would Jesus do?
  6. In this life there will be people that just aren’t going to like you no matter what you do….Love them anyway!!

So maybe I have already fallen in love a few times.     To have loved too much in your life, is that really a bad thing?

I was in love once and it was pretty magnificent.

you are going to be in love again……

13 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again?

  1. God, children, self… Has taken me 5 years to learn this! Great read! Looking forward to more! Looking forward to reading more! Much love from Louisiana! Brandi @paperplanelaneboutique


  2. Great read that has a lot of wisdom in it! I agree that learning to love your self is hardest of all and it is a work in progress for me too. I also think your love for God and your children is a gift for all parties involved. To quote the 70’s band Pablo Cruise “Love will find a Way” and it will too. Steve from Maine


  3. Without being privy as to what happened in your past to feel that maybe you don’t want to fall in love again, allow me to put my ounce of advice into the ring… Love is truly a splendid thing. Loving someone makes you vulnerable to heartbreak, but when taken care of properly by both parties, it can blossom into something enchanting. Something euphoric. God wants us to experience it with someone just for us. I’m thinking your attitude towards it now is stemming from heartburn. Don’t let it fester; let the pain heal over and learn from it. It’s my hope that you do fall in love again, because there’s a huge chance it WILL be magnificent! And, who doesn’t want magnificent? Good luck:)


  4. Divorce sucks! Only those who have been through this process would understand just how hard it is to love and trust again. But as you point out, love can be found in Philia love (brotherly), Storge love (family), and most important Agapa love (unconditional). You will know when or if you are ready to fall in love again.


  5. When you read that, you think about being single vs not. What if it’s just about love in a more general sense? You WILL experience love… many times, in thousands of ways. Which is awesome! 🙂 Great post. Thanks for sharing this little bit of you.


  6. James Bad says:

    Well, maybe I loved so much and so deeply I don’t know how to love someone else. Is that really a bad thing to have given your heart and soul to the person you vowed to give your life to? I didn’t break the vows.

    That’s the best part! I admire your wisdom and optimism. And you’re undeniably beautiful! God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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