Happy Birthday Momma!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Momma. The best friend I have ever had.

She nags, she gives lectures, she preaches the best sermons…..we all roll our eyes and say “Oh Grandma, you don’t know what you’re talking about! Times have changed, you need to understand that the world isn’t like the way it was when you were a kid.”

We were right! Yet, so is she.

Let me tell you some interesting facts about my Momma.

  1. She actually played outside.    So, when she is loudly telling the Grandkids to go outside and enjoy themselves….then she breaks into her “when I was a kid speech” watch out ’cause Gma means business!!   You better go out and play!!
  2.  When I was a kid…..instead of watching endless hours of television,  we sat on the front porch and sang hymns.     (If you haven’t heard my moms beautiful Alto voice, you’ve missed out.)
  3. There was no cell phones, iPads, iPods, Xbox, Nooks, Kindles, or any other contraption that I may have missed.  But guess what!!  She survived!   Even to this day she refuses to conform to the world and carry a cell phone.   Which sometimes  irritatates us girls when she takes  off and doesn’t tell us where she is going!  (The nerve!!)
  4. She can actually hold a conversation.   While she sits at the table after dinner, we are all on our cell phones checking our Facebook, or Dad runs off to the recliner to watch his new YouTube obsession and the Younger kids are jumping in the trampoline,  It is my favorite time of the day, I do my very best to put down my own cell phone and spend some quiet and much needed time with my Momma.     It is on those evenings we have done our best to solve world problems, vote for the new President, talk about how much we love and miss people who are still so near and dear to our hearts, we talk about God, our families, friends, and she gives me some great advice.  Some of which I take and some we still have our differences on.  Nevertheless, sitting at the table after dinner will always be my favorite times with my Mom.
  5. She loves God.    Oh the sermons we have heard, The scripture she can quote, the hymns she can sing.    There is nothing more beautiful than to hear Grandma’s house full of music.   Her oldest granddaughter, not your typical 15 yr old) loves to turn on music while we cook dinner.  The three part harmony fills the air as we sing songs like What A Friend We Have In Jesus, or I Surrender All, Amazing Grace and Be thou My Vision.    I remember as a kid going on our Saturday afternoon drives with my Grandma.  Grandma sat in the front seat with Mom as we drove down every country road in WV.  There was no radio, Grandma only wanted to hear her daughter and Granddaughters sing.  She twiddled her thumbs (something she always did) and spent the day soaking in the sun through the car windshield as she asked us over and over again to sing Holy Holy Holy, And her personal favorites Angel Band and How Great Thou Art.    My mom learned how to love God from her mom, I can only hope to pass down that same love of God to my own children.
  6. She loves her family.  She loves us so much.    She is the first to tell us the she thinks this is a really bad idea!!  Yet, she still lets us do it anyway…..but never fear, she always has a good way of telling you “I told you so, and giving her lengthy sermon she had already prepared because she knew it was a really bad idea!!     She’s been my shoulder to cry on, my very best friend as long as I can remember and the best Grandma/MeeMaw/Gma anyone could ever ask for.
  7. She taught me how to love unconditionally.  (This is when I may start crying).    My Parents not only loved each other, they showed us every day what unconditional love is all about.   When they took their vows, they took them very seriously.     I’ve seen “in sickness and in health”, “For richer or poorer” and I guarantee you I will some day see “Till death do us part”.     You see, they were fortunate enough to grow up in a time where if it’s broken, they fix it and don’t throw it away.
  8. She taught me how to forgive.  She was the master of “the silent treatment”. You could always tell when she was mad, at dad anyway, she wouldn’t talk!!  Now us on the other hand, she always had her sermons pre-planned.      But she always forgave.   I don’t know one person in this entire world that my mom doesn’t love.   She may not agree with what they have done, but those are the ones she prays for the most!!    And to the one reading this blog right now, she’s probably prayed for you too…she’s never stopped and never will.
  9. She adores her grandchildren!!  Anyone that knows my mom knows that her Grandkids are her entire life.   She has 7 grandkids,  5 girls and two boys.   Each are spoiled in their own different way, but let me tell you what she does for my two kids. (Sit back and relax this one could take a while).       I remember a few years ago when my mom was seriously ill, they had actually told us to get to the hospital as soon as we could, possibly to say our last goodbyes.   They were on vacation near Nashville at the time and we hurriedly made arrangements for a babysitter for the kids and made the longest drive of my entire life to go see our Momma.   We flooded our facebooks and texted and called everyone we knew to pray for her. When she was finally able to come home after almost a month of being in the hospital and recuperating in Tennessee, we were sitting on the porch one day (ok I am  officially crying) she looked at me and said “Do you know what I was thinking about while I was so sick in the hospital?  Caty. ( that’s my daughter, with special needs in case you didn’t know).  She continued to say, “I just kept telling God that I could t leave Caty.  She needs me!  She is the very one that kept me alive and made me fight so hard to get better.”    Now that is a grandma!!  The one who fought so hard to make sure she could help take care of her precious granddaughter.      Oh my goodness, I can’t forget to tell you about her Grandson….(my son).  The love they have for each other is nauseating.   He can’t get enough of Grandma!    She spoils him with French toast every morning for breakfast, she tucks him in the recliner with a bowl of cereal and then makes me come and look at how cute he is!! (I somehow don’t think it’s as cute as she does.)  They are two peas in a pod and no one messes with Gma when Adam is around.        Yep, she adores her grandchildren. 
  10. She’s not going to be around forever….so cherish every second of her life, listen to every sermon she wants to preach, every “I told you so” she can’t wait to tell you, every hymn she sings in her Alto voice, every piece of French toast, every bowl of cereal…..listen to her stories about “when I was a kid…..”   You may actually learn something!

Tonight, as I celebrate my Mom and her 73 years on this earth,  I’m going to listen.  Listen to her stories and her sermons.  Listen to her sing.  Listen to her the to teach her grandkids right from wrong.  Probably listen to an argument or two.  After all, every family has an argument every now and then, but I will also remember the lesson of forgiveness she always taught me.

What have you learned from your Momma?  I can only hope she was as amazing as mine!


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