Jesus Take The Wheel

“Mom, when I get home from school, can I spray paint my scooter hot pink and black?  I will also need duct tape and flashlights so I can make headlights and blinkers when I turn left or right!” 

This contraption may look small, but it can go up to 12 mph.  When I bought the scooter for him for Christmas, I didn’t think that 12 mph sounded fast until I saw him ride it for the first time. I came close to having my first heart attack!

It doesn’t help that he is 10 years old and fearless.  I am standing at the top of the hill screaming for him to slow down as he is doing his best to do doughnuts in the cul-de-sac. 

Yes, he is fearless!

My daughter, on the other hand, is not a big risk taker.   When her brother reluctantly lets her ride the scooter, she drives erratically  and never watches where she is going.  She is aware that the scooter has brakes, yet she still tries the flintstone approach as she sticks both feet out and drags them on the ground as if that will stop or at least slow her speeding down the hill.  Squealing and giggling all the way down, but you can see that she is still nervous and tense everytime she rides it.   

Yesterday, as well as today, has reminded me that Spring is actually just a few short days away.  We saw signs of life as flowers have started poking their way to the surface.  Sun is so pleasant this morning shining through the windows of my living room.  We spent most of our Sunday tossing baseball, riding bikes, and riding the scooter.    It clearly became one of those days that you didn’t want to end. 

This morning, as my son was giving me a list of things to purchase so he could immediately start pimping his ride when he got home, I began to make excuses as to why I didn’t have time to fulfill his endless list of demands.  He immediately gave me the look….moms, you know that look!    

I quickly realized maybe it’s time for me to slow down!  Inhale and exhale!

I literally spend my life in such a frenzy. Running here, running there.   Practices.  Tournaments.  I never take time to breathe.  I am so obsessed with the glorification of busy that I forget sometimes to look at what God has already blessed me with.  

Last week I began my purge!  

I am Getting rid of everything and everyone that no longer serves a purpose in my life.   I’ve deleted/blocked and finally set boundaries.   Since I have done it I have finally felt at peace.  Happy.  

While reading my devotions this morning, I came across this verse:

Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him.  “You have so little faith.” Jesus said. “Why did you ever doubt me?”

This verse pertains to Peter when he was walking along on the surface of the water, when he had his eyes fixed on Jesus he was fine. Suddenly he realized what he was doing, and he looked at the Waves beneath his feet.  And he knew what he was doing was impossible. He instantly sank into the water. But Jesus didn’t let him drown. Jesus grabbed him and saved him. As I was reading this verse, it became very clear to me that Jesus does that for us over and over again.  Every time we are swamped with doubts and start to sink into life’s troubles. I can almost hear him say, “why did you doubt me have I ever let you sink before?”    

Impossible!  I’ve said that word so many times.   With God, ALL things are possible!   

It is easy to put on the brakes as my daughter does every time she feels like she is out of control riding the scooter….same goes with my life.    I have the choice to slam the brakes and give up, or I can tighten the helmet and start trusting that when life gets out of control, just ask Jesus to take the wheel.     

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. 

Have you trusted him?  Completely given it all to Him?  Good and bad?  

Today would be a good day to start!   Sun is shining, birds are singing.    Spring is on its way and with Spring comes new life!   

Have a wonderful beautiful blessed day!

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