Home Away From Home

Does beef jerky and Red Bull constitute as a meal?   

Sitting in the carpool lane at my son’s elementary school I “found”  an extra can of liquid energy and half a bag of beef jerky in the car.   I didn’t have breakfast or lunch, so I assumed it was my manna from Heaven. 

I’ve been in my car a lot today and it is such a gorgeous day, I took some time to clean…ahem. Organize my car!  

It is amazing what you can find in a car that basically is my second home. Traveling as much as I do to various places and practices.  While cleaning/organizing the car today, I noticed that I basically have everything I need to live comfortably in my car if need be!  Let’s hope that is never the case, but I am ready for most emergencies!


My car:

  1. Two tubes of lipstick. One brown and one red.  
  2. Buxom lip gloss (a must for any decent woman)
  3. 4 pairs of sunglasses for all occasions and to match any outfit. 
  4. At least 5 pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots. Including red heals and Uggs.  
  5. Altoids
  6. Currently reading three books  while waiting for dance practice, basketball practice to be over and carpool. 
  7. A 24 pack of water which I keep for emergencies and basketball games and practice. 
  8. Several sweaters and jackets. 
  9. At least 5 Bibles. 
  10. One journal. 
  11. Wallet
  12. Cup holder full of loose change. 
  13. Vitamins
  14. Crumbs.  Dirt. Unidentifed objects. 
  15. iPods. iPads. Kindle. Nook. 
  16. Pillows. Blankets. 
  17. Backpacks. 
  18. Appointment reminders 
  19. Air fresheners
  20. Pepto Bismol (MAX)
  21. Ex-lax
  22. Casting Crowns CD
  23. iTunes on my phone 
  24. At least 3 pairs of gloves
  25. And my constant reminder.  (my favorite old air freshener)

everything will be okay”

My son loves to take “long drives” late at night because, just like his mommy, he loves to sleep in a car!   (Hence the pillow and blanket). 

It has been my Sanctuary when I didn’t feel like going into an empty house. Sitting in my driveway, Heated seats on, sometimes quietly sitting, sometimes on the phone, sometimes a place to gather my thoughts and even times where I have done most of my crying and praying.    Me and God….well, let’s just say that we have had some interesting conversations sitting in this car!

I’m grateful for a safe SUV during the brutal snowstorms.  I’m thankful for the third row that is used for hauling extra kids. The two TVs that keep the kids company on long road trips. The large trunk that holds all of the groceries and the luggage.   I am thankful and forever grateful for the one that supplied me with a beautiful, dependable and reliable car.  

As I sit here tonight finishing up my blog, there’s a little boy sleeping with his mouth open and arms behind his head and my heart is filled with pure joy!  Another “long drive” complete and God kept us safe one more day!

It’s easy to take things for granted. But tonight, as my tush is warm with the heated seats, iTunes is playing my favorite song  Give Me Jesus, and I stare at the beautiful children God has given me….I pause to thank God for everything he has done. For protection on the road. For 4 wheel drive.  For one more “long drive”.  Most importantly, my life. My precious life and the lives that God has given me to protect and take care of. 

Time to wake up the little guy and give him a piggy back ride to bed!  

What are you thankful for?

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