I Bake So I Don’t Eat!

Christmas in my house means we bake and cook way too much!
It also means I lose weight in December.  Not that I don’t enjoy my cooking, because everyone around me is wearing sweat pants these days thanks to our sweets, I cook so much I lose my appetite and I spend extra time in the gym!!
Now I have some sidekicks that like to bake as much as I do, that means we cook more than ever!!!
Today we made homemade chocolate ganache sugar cookie bowls with drizzled white chocolate and mini marshmallows.  I wish I got a picture of the kids (all 6 of them) eating the cookies while they were still warm. Chocolate faces and the sounds of yum, Mmmmmmm, and OMG filled the kitchen as I began to make another batch.


We have been munching on Chex Mix for 2 weeks and the Muddy Buddies didn’t last a day!



Pecan Pie cookies were ridiculous!   They were gone in less than an hour as we made our way through town and delivered them to our favorite attorney office, a real estate company and to some relatives houses.


Teachers have been fed and we have made treats for the neighbors that the kids delivered on my handmade pottery.
Christmas cards sent.  Gifts wrapped. Shopping complete. 
One last thing to do…..put together a Go Cart I bought my son.  Thankfully, my friend Brian is coming to the house after work on Tuesday to help me put it together.  (I hate assembling anything!!)
This has been the most stress free Christmas I can remember for a long time.  It’s been so peaceful. 
Kids were content as we watched our favorite Christmas Movie together. Snuggling together on the couch watching Chevy Chase battle the Christmas lights….kids laugh hysterically every year.  Even Caty, the kid who hates tv, watched it!!


Looking foward to going to London this Summer….as we pass Big Ben I can see us all saying  “LOOK KIDS, BIG BEN!!”   Honestly, who doesn’t like those movies?!

Well, off to go Caroling with our church tonight.  Spreading more Christmas cheer!! 
Have a blessed Saturday evening friends.  Stay warm!

(As you can tell from my last post, the week has gotten much better!!!)


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