Everything Will Be OKAY!


Guess who forgot to start the car early this morning!!  Yep, that’d be me!
Rushing to get to school, I went back inside to get a big pan full of hot water to throw on the windshield. (Cause that’s how I roll)  Well, at 10°, everything still freezes.   Go figure!
Tried to drive anyway, only to park the STILL frozen car at my neighbors house and wait for it to thaw out.
Adam and I were laughing at my foolish frustrations when he looked at me and said, “Mommy, do you ever read that sign?”
Confused, I asked him “what sign babe?”
He pointed to the rear view mirror.  I have had this sign dangling in my last two vehicles, something always tells me I need to keep it.
This morning, my son reminded me….EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!!!


We finally thawed out to get to the grandparent’s house for his morning coffee with Grandpa and Grandma’s famous french toast before we headed off to school this morning.

I never believed in “signs” before. Although some people I know always searched for them…they called them omens.  But on this particular  morning, I am convinced God wanted me to see this!


Here is my son’s thankful letter to his dogs!!  (I chuckled a bit)…the letter to me was much sweeter, but I want to keep that one to myself. 


Looks like it’s early dismissal time…car pool lane is moving.
Gotta run!!!

2 thoughts on “Everything Will Be OKAY!

  1. Hey Crystal,

    Great post. Yes, everything will be okay.

    I saw your request for access to my blog Redneck Garage. When I chose the title, I knew some people had a negative mind set about rednecks. From my perspective, and many others, it was no big deal. Several weeks ago I finally decided to change the name to Red Dog Garage after my dog Maggie because she has become very popular with many readers. I was able to port my blog over to the new name but I kept redneckgarage.wordpress.com so that I could retain the domain name so no one would get confused. It is private for only that reason. Red Dog Garage looks exactly the same and continues to be about my journey through life. Feel free to edit or delete this comment.



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