Thinking Out Loud


Soft music playing, a little boy cuddling my legs on the other side of the couch just kissed me good night after we said our prayers, dog lying beside me, fireplace glowing….
Pulled stomach muscle, possible broken rib, just lost my contact lense, I have to pee  but can’t get up because of the kid, dog, and from the previously mentioned rib!
Ohhhh,  and did I mention the bubblegum fuzed to my hair this afternoon?  And for those who have wondered, peanut butter doesn’t really work!!  
Highlight of my day….Nutella sample in the mail. Lucky? Indeed!
And I ate it in the car pool lane!!!

Just another day in the life of being their mommy! 
Making memories one accident at a time! ♡

Who would want to miss out on all this fun?  What boring lives they must live! 
I feel sorry for them.  Really, I do.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. WOW! From the e-card at the top to the very bottom thought – this one grabbed my funny-bone and shook it all about! Brilliant post at so many levels! Thank you!! 🙂


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