Conversations with Adam


Adam:  Mom, I wish you would reconsider homeschooling me.

Me:  No Adam!!

Adam:  Six hours in school is ridiculous!!!

Me:  Sorry Son.

Adam:  School smells like cinnamon and farts!!!

Another Mother/son bonding moment!!!!   I adore this kid!!!


3 thoughts on “Conversations with Adam

  1. He is precious! I’m afraid I’d take his side on this one, but home schooling doesn’t always take 6 hours a day. I taught in public school K – 8th grades for 30+ years and finally just quit because it wasn’t fun anymore. It’s just a personal thing with me though, I don’t agree the way they are teaching the kids now, leaving our problem solving, transference of knowledge, imagination and individuality…. but my kids are grown… I offered to teach my daughter’s kids (she doesn’t have any yet) and she said “No way mom….LOL” so there could be a big valid point on NOT doing it. 😀


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