Atelophobia:  The fear of imperfection of not being enough.”

I find something inspiring about a cold rainy fall morning.  The house is so quiet, tea is hot, music is softly playing Lyle Lovett ballads, I am wrapped in my favorite quilt in absolute bliss.   My job takes me to some beautiful places and I am blessed to be where I am at this new phase in my life.   I am doing what I love.  I get to spend the days with my daughter teaching her, playing with her, enjoying every second of her beautiful sometimes complicated life.    My son and I hit the snooze three different times this morning, because we couldn’t stop hugging each other.  His warm little body snuggled so close to mine, arms wrapped around me so tight.  Good morning tickles and giggles.

It was this morning I realized something.  I am enough.

Here are some things I thought about this morning that I want my kids to know:

  • Be strong enough to stand alone.
  • When you need help, be brave enough to ask for it.
  • You are good enough.
  • you are smart enough.
  • You are brave enough.
  • You are beautiful enough.
  • You are doing enough.
  • You are compassionate enough.
  • You are LOUD enough.  (that one is specifically for you Adam)
  • You are normal enough.
  • You are talented enough.
  • You are confident enough.
  • You are loving enough.


When you feel life beating you down, remember how much I love you and you have always been enough.   I am and will always be your biggest fan.

Know who you are, and know it is enough!”





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