Homeschool Day #1


What we learned on our first day of homeschool.

7:30am:   I am the worst Mom ever because I love Sissy more!    (says my son while I am driving him to school)

7:35am:  Feeling like the worst Mom ever because my son thinks I love Sissy more!!

8:00am:  Gym.   Consisted of teaching Cat how to roller skate.  Which led to wet butts, a bruised knee, and lots of laughing.

8:45am:  Cleaning out the stinky, smelly, muddy, vehicle.  (football season=filthy car)     Me:  I’ll clean out my side of the car, you clean out yours.  Cat:  Mom, I am pretty sure this isn’t part of Homeschool.  Me: sure it is, this is called “shop class”

9:30am: Home Economics.   That means we cleaned the house!!

10:00am:  Community Service.   We took an old person out to eat.    (well, it was Grandma….she is technically old)

10:05am:  Prayed at lunch.  Bible Class!!

11:00am:  Took car to get the oil changed. 

12:00pm:   Foreign Language.   We got mani/Pedis.  Learned Vietnamese!!!

1:30pm:  Math class.   We went shopping for new shoes. I got a pair, she got a pair….that equals 2 new pairs of shoes

2:00pm:   We got serious.   She did 13 sheets of homework and read 2 books.  

What a great day!!    How many more days till Summer vacation?


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