Can We Have a Cat?


Me:   Adam, do you have any homework?

Adam:  Can we get a cat?

Me:  No, we can’t get a cat!!   Do you have homework?

Adam:  If I do my homework, can we get a cat?

Me:  So, you have homework? 

Adam:  I am not telling you unless we get a cat.

Me:  HOMEWORK…..NOW!!!!!

Adam:  Does that mean we get a cat?

Me:  No cat!!  We don’t need any more animals. 

Adam:  But mom, Cat’s are so cute and snuggly.

Me:  So am I.   After you do your homework, I’ll snuggle with you and  I will even meow!!!

Adam:  Mom, this just got awkward.   I am going to do my homework now!!!


School just called…..sick kid!!   ( he’s probably sick cause he wants a cat!!!)

8 thoughts on “Can We Have a Cat?

  1. Patrick says:

    My daughter asked for a cat. I made an agreement that when she moved out the cat goes with her. I still have the note she gave me when she was seven. She is now in Uganda and the cat is living with her Mom. Mission accomplished after sixteen years!!!


    • We already have two outside cats and two dogs. Honestly, these kids and their love for animals!!! We used to volunteer at the animal shelter until I got tired of the kids crying to bring something home everytime. They have huge hearts. Unfortunately, I am the one who ends up taking care of them!


      • Patrick says:

        Sounds like a very familiar story. We were caring for four feral kittens during the day to help a neighbor. When it was time to send the kittens on their way I was out numbered. At one point we had two dogs (who stayed inside with us) and three indoor cats. Now I have just Maggie and enjoying a floor free from cat litter.


  2. Wonderful conversation and what a clever, humorous mom you are. Your son is lucky to have a caring and funny mom! I spit a little of my morning coffee out this morning as I lol’d 🙂 reading this. Thanks for the giggles!
    AnnMarie 🙂
    Happy Sunday!


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