Jesus and Germs


I have a friend who is obsessed with germs.   Her poor children are lathered in hand sanitizer at least every half an hour.  Yet she is the first person to post on Facebook, usually around the first week of school, that her kids are already sick.    Poor Momma!   This is the same friend who has called me to go to the pharmacy for her and buy my limit in Sudafed because they are onto her addiction and she is afraid they think she has a Meth lab in her house.   


I, on the other hand, am so opposite from her.   I don’t own a bottle of “hanitizer” (that’s what my kids call it).   As far as I know, the kids don’t even wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.  I even found my son using his tooth brush to comb the dogs hair last week.  Yes, I did throw it away!!   

Now I am questioning my parenting skills, as I am coughing and hacking while still trying to keep my “Mother of the Year” status.    Sniffing and sneezing.  Coughing.  Fever.  Tired.    I just feel BLAH!!

It took one meeting at the Middle School for me to catch a horrible cold.  Nasty little kids and their germs!!

This weekend I made my way to the store and stocked up on Lysol and “hanitizer”, bought my own bottle of Sudafed, and am forcing my kids to wash their hands!!   


We skipped church Sunday for fear I would be kicked out after they heard me hacking!!   Instead we decided to take a little trip with the kids, my sis and nieces.   I needed gas, so after filling up my constantly empty tank we went inside to get snacks for the road trip.   I decided to buy 2 lottery tickets (which I never ever buy them), gave them to the kids to scratch off and instantly won $100.    Nothing like skipping church and playing the lottery!    I just considered it a little blessing from God that it was ok to skip church.    And I am certain the entire congregation would have agreed and am thankful I didn’t pass my germs onto them.


It is true, Mommy’s don’t have time to be sick.   Even if we are, we still do what needs to be done and spray a little Lysol behind us!    I am starting to get a hang of this “single mom” lifestyle.  

I was telling my dear friend today that sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and say “Really God?”  As we are starting the next unexpected chapter in our life called HOMESCHOOL.    This has happened a week after I accepted a job.   Oh man, God has a good sense of humor!    Oh and throw in football practices, dance, tutoring, teaching classes, a house, yard work and balancing a personal life……yeeeee hawwwww!!!    This is a wild ride!

I am going to enjoy every second of it.   God must trust me a lot!!


Until next time…..find some balance in your life and enjoy the ride!

3 thoughts on “Jesus and Germs

  1. Oh, I love this post! You’re writing style of ‘keepin’ it real’ is witty and refreshing. Grace to you momma! Keep it up! I am so glad you visted my blog and led me here 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of you and pray we can encourage one another. God bless.


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