You’ve Got A Friend In Me

It has officially started.   The whining in the morning, the tears because Summer is over, the kicking and screaming getting ready at 7am….finally, the kids told me to get a grip they had to get to school.  


Oh, it really wasn’t that bad.   I managed to keep my meltdown to a minimum until I dropped my daughter off at her first day of Middle School.  That is when I sat in the parking lot for 30 extra minutes crying like a crazy lady!!

As I shared in previous blogs, Cat has a learning disability.  She goes to school with a full time aide and has most of her core classes in special education.    As we were driving to school yesterday, she turned on the song “Youv’e Got A Friend In Me”.  We would point to each other as we sang very loudly You’ve got a friend in me…..when the road looks rough ahead, and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed….You’ve got a friend in me!!!!    We parked the car and made the walk to that big giant new school.    I was stopped before entering and was told that this was the end of the line, No Parents Permitted past this point.    As I panicked, and began to explain our special situation stating that I wanted to meet her aide and go over a few things with her, I was still stopped short and regardless of my pleading, he shuffled Cat into school, but not without making this comment:   Mrs. (so and so)….this little girl is DISABLED, can you please make sure she gets where she needs to be. 

GASP!!!    My first thought was “Let me show you disabled….when I break both of your legs!!”    

It took me most of the morning to maintain my composure, with a lot of support from my friends.   (Let me tell you, this little girl is so loved.)   I get back into my car and the phone started ringing and the texts started pouring in.   “How was Cat this morning?”    “How are you?”   “I prayed for Cat this morning!”   “Tell Cat I cant wait to hear about her first day at school.”   “She is growing up so fast!!”    Her elementary special education teacher called me three times yesterday to check on her and my son’s kindergarten teacher (who retired) called me to check on the kids and we made plans to have lunch.

I have the best of friends.  I also have friends who went through the exact same thing I dealt with yesterday.    We planned on having coffee and the local coffee shop yesterday morning, then I got the dreaded text from her stating that she ran into some serious problems with her son (who has CP)  and his aide. (or non exsistent aide)    We spent the afternoon chatting for hours about the kids and the constant stress it is when the new school year rolls around as we both waited for 3:00 to get here as fast as it could so we could pick them up and anxiously hear about their first day of school.

but let me make someting very clear…..DO NOT EVER LABEL MY CHILD AS DISABLED!!!   

I am not angry at the school or the man who stated that so rudely.    It is a huge school and they have a lot to deal with I am sure.    But I do ask this, please be kind and compassionate.   Think before you speak.   Teach your kids to love and respect everyone no matter the color of your skin, the clothes they wear, which side of the tracks they may live on, whether they are in gifted classes, regular classes or special education….We are living in a cruel world where people are constantly hurting.   kids are getting picked on.   Families are falling apart.

Come on guys, let’s step it up!!!    Be kind to each other.   Take time to lend a helping hand.   

When asking my daughter about school last night, she stated that she didn’t know how to open her locker.  She then told me that her friend Rachel helped her open it. THAT WAS THE FIRST THING SHE TOLD ME BECAUSE SHE WAS SO HAPPY THAT HER FRIEND TOOK THE TIME TO HELP HER!  Thank You miss Rachel for doing that for Cat!!!    

Random Acts Of Kindness…..We all should practice more of that.


We had a great morning!!   As we got in the car and made our way to the second day of Middle Schoo,l Cat turned on our song again.    We pointed and sang to each other as we made our way to her next destination of being a beautiful young lady!  

Nothing like a little Disney music to brighten your morning…and a call back from the Board of Education (what, you actually thought I wasn’t going to call?   Meeting is scheduled asap with her teachers and it looks like this is going to be a great year!!!)

This Momma knows how to get things done!!!!!

You’ve got a friend in me.   You’ve got a friend in me.

when the road looks rough ahead

and you’re miles and miles

from your nice warm bed

you just remember what your old pal said


You’ve got troubles, I’ve got them too

there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.

we stick together and see it through

’cause you’ve got a friend in me.

Now some of the boys may be

a little bit smarter than me

or bigger and stronger too

but baby none of them is ever gonna love you

the way I do….

It’s me and you!!!

and as the years go by

our love will never die

you’re gonna see, it’s our destiny!!!


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