Are We There Yet?

The day has finally come to pack the minivan up and take off for a week packed with beaches, roller coasters, pools, mini golf, karaoke, friends, family and fun!!!

Times have changed since I was a kid.  I still cant mathematically figure out how we were able to cram at least 10 people into my mom’s red chevette, but we did.  There were people sitting on laps, laying on the dashboard, sitting on the floor and even laying in the back window.

We knew better than to fight because my mom was the master at swatting your legs as she drove down the road. 

We had no iPods, iPads, tablets, or video games to entertain ourselves.  My Grandma loved to hear us sing, so we spent endless hours in the car singing acapella hymns harmonizing.  My mom had the most beautiful alto voice as I sang soprano and everyone else just blended in while Becky sang base! (Haha….I couldn’t resist Becky)

My Aunt Ruth and grandma used to fight over the map. Remember when we had to read a giant paper map that you could never fold properly after it was unfolded?  Now we have a strange lady bark out turn left in 100ft which still startles me most of the time even though I’m the one who typed in the directions.


Seat belts are manditory.  Music is playing in literally 10 different directions.  And are ya ready for this……the kids are playing Family Feud on the 12 inch tv that hangs from the ceiling of the minivan.


My mom no longer drives, That’s up to me and my sister now. The kids play in the backseat with enough room to lay down, play video games, take selfies and post on Instagram,
Update their Facebook status, and listen to Pandora.


While my sis is driving, I’m actually blogging on my Samsung watching the kids play Family Feud. (Better than the actually Family Feud we would get into, I guess)

I wouldn’t change my childhood for the world and I want my kids to experience the best childhood ever.  They deserve it. 


Ok, I’m getting car sick.  Gonna cut this one short. 
Are we there yet?

Until next time….Plan a road trip.

6 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Redneck Garage says:

    Good thing they did not have all those things in the car when I was a kid. I use to get car sick too, and still do, if I’m not the driver unless it is a straight road and I’m riding shotgun.


      • Redneck Garage says:

        Here in CA we have Interstate 5 which runs north to south. People have told me that driving across KS is very boring. Having driven across KS in one day (east to west from Columbia, MO to Denver, CO…896 miles) and the full length of I-5 over the years, I can tell you without a doubt Interstate 5 wins for boring and straight.


      • Redneck Garage says:

        We do have some roads like that out west. Do a map search on Priest Grade (CA). On New Priest Grade the top speed is about 20 MPH if you are driving hard. As long as I’m the driver it will not be a problem. Back seat passenger…I’ll walk. Someday I hope to drive all the way to the East Coast. The farthest east so far has been Knoxville, TN. I love the open road!!!


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