School Skippers!


Let’s get real, do kids really learn the last three days of school before summer vacation? 

Today I made the decision to let the kids skip school.  Did I make the right decision?  I’d say so.

Sweet Caty helped make beds, took out the trash, helped make breakfast, took a shower and brushed her teeth all before 10:30am.

Adam on the other hand, not so productive.   By noon I was “proclaiming loudly” for him to brush his teeth.   Yep, that’s all I asked him to do.  Shower and clean underwear could wait!     I was late for my appointment!

Since I am going to Haiti I have several different vaccinations that need to be administered before I go, so this morning was spent visiting my doctor to start the process.   Wanna see me cry like a baby?  Tell me I need shots! 
I was a “big girl” as they gave me a tetanus shot in my left arm today.  I decided left arm because I was terrified of the dreaded “punch buggy” game with my little school Skippers!!  Smart thinking, I know!!


After a quick lunch at our favorite Market (where Caty found her new favorite sandwich of all time!!!!!) we headed back home to enjoy time with each other and the dogs.   Laying on blankets under the shade tree, giggling, chasing each other, lovin’ on the dogs, and a few basketball games of “horse”….I quickly remembered how much I adore summer break.


Enjoy them while you can…..I’ve heard that saying many times before.  I never realized the significance in that phrase until I took my 12 year old to Middle School orientation last night.   


Before you know it they’ll be gone….I heard that before too.   I used to think time passed so slowly as a child.   Now I’m looking eye to eye with my daughter in Middle School.  

How did this happen?  I remember the day she and her daddy walked hand in hand with her red and white striped shirt, red crocks and giant Hello Kitty backpack to Kindergarten while I folowed them crying and snapping  pictures as they took each step towards Elementary school.
“How did she get so big Daddy? She’s not a baby anymore.” I said to her Father as we walked back to the vehicle.  

Now here I am bawling (because I’m the most emotional human on earth) at 11:00pm on the last Friday of my daughter’s elementary school career.  An end of an era.



How did she get so big? She’s not a baby anymore….I’ll probably say that again, only to myself this time, around August as I drop her off to Middle school.   I expect a few tears will be shed that day by me as I watch her skip to that big school by herself.  
This time she won’t need to hold anyone’s hand.


A mother holds her children’s hands for a while….but holds their hearts forever.

Yep, I’m quite certain that today a was good day to hang out with my little school skippers!!!

Until next time…..hug those kids!
Before you know it they’ll be gone.


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