Secret Family Recipes


I remember as a kid bombarding my Grandma’s freezer for her strawberry freezer jam.   We would visit Grandma’s house every Friday night and I couldn’t wait to wake up Saturday mornings to breakfast that always consisted of fried tenderloin, bacon,  sausauge, eggs, gravy and homemade biscuits.   My favorite?  The biscuits and Strawberry jam.

I was convinced (at 16)  after my Grandma passed away that would be the end of the strawberry jam era.  I would go to her house after she passed and sneek into the back room where the freezer was and do inventory on the “butter” containers of jam.  I even found myself skimping on the sweet containers of strawberry heaven dreading the day we finished off the last container.

Yes,  at 16 I had no idea that my Grandma wasn’t the only one who could make strawberry jam! 

Thank God for my precious Aunt Ruth.  Many have failed but she succeeded and my biggest fear of the extinction of jam no longer exists.   That is, until a month ago when I opened the freezer.  Darn kids of mine finished off the last of my freezer jam!!!   GASP!!!

Did I ever tell you about Dumplings? Or shall I say “DUMPLINS”, that’s what us country folk like to call them.  Or should I say call ’em….My Grandma also specialized in dumplins.   My mom did not inherit the dumplin’ gene.   My Aunt, on the other hand, mastered the dumplins and the art of frying chicken!!  

It’s up to me….I had to step up!!  I AM THE NEXT “GODBY” GENERATION!! 
Fried chicken, dumplins and Strawberry jam can’t stop here.  

I am on a mission….
Dumplins.  CHECK! (Still not as good as Grandma’s but I’m destined to improve over time)
Fried Chicken. CHECK!  (Still a tad greasy and not as crispy, but I’ll get it)
Strawberry freezer jam.  NAILED IT!!!!


Best part of mastering these secret family recipes:  the people I get to spend time with.     We argue, we laugh, we critique,  we cry….well, I cry they listen.    The stories are endless and memories are forever.

I think Grandma Godby would be quite proud of the young lady I’ve become. (yes, 38 is still young!!!) I’ve had some minor bumps in my road, but they have made me really look deep into my soul and see the true importance of life……and that’s family!
(And fried chicken…and dumplins….and Strawberry jam!)

Now to master “peeling” potatoes (I peel to thick apparently, but at least I don’t make mashed potatoes out of a box…..good Lord!!!!  Who does that?  Sheer and utter blasphemy!!!) 

I have already started teaching my sweet Caty how to make dumplins…time to pass on the Godby secrets!!!

Until next time….don’t order take out, cook something together as a family!

Give give give….what is the point in having experience, knowledge or talent if I don’t give it away?  Or having stories if I don’t tell them to others? Of having wealth if I don’t share it? I don’t intend to be cremated with any of it. It is in giving that I can act with others, the world and with the  Divine.
                  -Isabel Allende

6 thoughts on “Secret Family Recipes

  1. Redneck Garage says:

    Looks like a productive weekend!!! I had my Pastor and his wife over for a fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy dinner. He knew that I was born and raised in the S.F. Bay area. Upon watching me cook he asked, “where did you learn to cook Southern?”. Made from scratch is always better.


    • I grew up eating everything Fried!! Apparently Crisco and bacon Grease is the only way to cook.
      Nothing like Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and buscuits…….I have to say, after seeing your fresh strawberries a few days ago on your blog, I couldn’t get them off of my mind. I was on a mission.
      Thanks to you, my freezer is stocked with at least a years worth of strawberry jam. 🙂


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  3. Johng537 says:

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