The Power of Prayer

Can I ask you a serious question? 

I know that all of us have found ourselves in situations on Facebook where an acquaintance, friend, or relative posts a prayer request on their wall.  Maybe someone is sick, there had been an accident or some other tragedy has left them devastated and begging for prayers. 

Then the outpouring of replies flood their wall….I am praying.   Prayers lifted up.  I am here for you.  Is there anything I can do?   Praying right now!!!

So here is the question:

Which friend are you?   Are you the friend who eagerly posts I am praying for you right now and actually stops everything they are doing at that very moment and lifts them or their family members up in prayers.   Or are you the person who posts Praying for you and continues to scroll down the pages to read other posts as if you have already forgotten about your friends dire need for God to intervene in their lives.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves…..

I have been that friend.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit it. 

About a week ago, that all changed.  I have several friends going through some very difficult times in their lives.  Some divorces, others cancer, lost jobs, death of loved ones…..oh I could go on and on.   

I tell them that I am praying for them, but how often did I really pray?   


I got a late night phone call last week, when I hastily grabbed my phone to see who on earth would be calling at such a crazy hour, I noticed it was a good friend of mine.   I quickly answered the phone saying Is everything ok??  On the other end of the phone was sobbing and crying, she was crying so hard I couldn’t understand her.  I waited for her to calm down, as I sat and listened to my sweet friend’s heart breaking.   

Then she asked me to pray with her.   I knew what she had been going through without even having to ask.  We prayed together.  I prayed specifically for healing, and for God to work a miracle in her life.   When we were finished praying, I asked her, What made you think of me?  Why me?   I look at myself sometimes and think what on earth do I have to offer anyone.  Here I am, a divorced single mom.  What kind of advice can I give anyone.  I couldn’t keep my own marriage together.   Her response overwhelmed me.  Because of you, I haven’t given up.  I see your faith in God.  When things were falling apart in your own life, you offered to help me.  You were there to pray with me.  YOU NEVER GAVE UP.   

This late night phone call made me put some things in perspective.  I had a lot of time to think today as I spent three consecutive hours on my mower, normally I take that time to listen to music, occasionally I sing out loud and probably look like an insane person.  Sometimes I take the time to feel sorry for myself and try to hash out my own broken life.   But today, I prayed.  and I prayed.  and I prayed some more.    I had two specific people in mind and I prayed!!!!    What’s funny, I actually prayed that God would use these two people to help each other….I really prayed about that.  


This just happened to be the night my son asked Jesus in his heart….we never miss a chance to pray together.

I want to encourage you tonight…..take the time to pray for each other.   Goodness, if any of you spend any time just on Facebook alone you would spend at least 15 minutes or more on your knees just praying for those requests.  We all need someone to actually follow through and pray just as you commented on their post that you would do.

I will make you a promise…..If I tell you that I am praying for you…..I am really going to pray!

Where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of them.

                                                                                                   Matthew 18:20

Until next time….pray for me.  




6 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

  1. Redneck Garage says:

    Prayer? A subject I have pondered, studied, and struggle with. I have concluded that prayer is suppose to be a ongoing conversation with Jesus. It does not have to be a place. It does not have to be a body position. We don’t have to stop everything we are doing to pray. Most of all it does not need to be rehearsed, full of eloquent phrases, long winded, or read from a 3×5 index card (I hate when I see this at NASCAR races). It is to be the out pouring of our needs and hearts to God. I have learned that I can pray anywhere, anytime. It is an ongoing conversation with God. I admit that at times my life gets overwhelmed (I too was unable to hold my marriage together after a five year cancer journey for my best friend) and I forget about the needs of others. God does not penalize us during these times because he knows our hearts. I think God really loves it when we talk with Him while mowing the grass. I will pray for you.


      • Redneck Garage says:

        You’re welcome. I needed to hear it too! Many times my comments or posts come from what is going on in this now six year journey, from cancer diagnosis in my wife (BRCA 2 which is not good) to the present “battle of the attorneys” (my attorney is feed up with the problems that should not be). I discovered the divorce situation 3 days before Christmas 2013 while looking though our finances. There is a huge back story that at some point I may share.


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