Funny Thing Happened…..

Ok, so  said I wasn’t going to write anymore this week but I had to tell you about my day.

Let me go back a couple of weeks first.   I was asked to take some engagement pictures for some friends so I took them to one of my favorite spots.   On the way there, we had some great conversations and it prompted me to tell them about how happy I have been.  I have felt down for so long, I honestly forgot what it was like to be happy.  Every time they saw me in the past I was usually an emotional wreck, but this time it was different and I felt the need to share what had been going on in my life.   So now when asked the dreaded question “How have you been, are you ok?”   I simply reply, I don’t know what I would do without God.

While the sweet couple was splashing in the cool water, I noticed them look in the water.  He picked up a rather large rock and started reading the words on it.  Immediately, he gave it to me and said  “hmmm…you should read this.”   I almost fell into the water when I read the words GOD IS NEAR TO THE BROKENHEARTED.  

I immediately said a silent prayer and thanked Him for never leaving me, I gently placed the rock back into the water so it would be a blessing to someone else as it was to me.


My friend Missy and I planned a trip to hike a beautiful area today and have a picnic.  Missy has been there for me and has never left my side….I am talking The Good Bad and Ugly.  She has seen every personality I have.  We never get to spend time with each other because both of our lives go into so many directions, yet we are both satisfied with our 8:15am phone calls to say good morning after we drop the kids off at school.    Normally, I would spew every thing that was going wrong in my life and she will patiently listen while I knew deep down inside she is secretly wishing I would shut up so she could tell me her  precious words of wisdom.  We have a beautiful friendship.  The past few weeks, we stopped talking so much about the “bad things” going on, mainly because I did it…..I finally released it all.  When I set it free, God took it all away from me.  I have a happiness in my heart that only God could fill and my heart is so full of love, happiness and forgiveness there is no room for anything else and for the first time, I felt liberated!!  

This is where we got to pray together today….Who could ever doubt the existence of God?


Last week, I was struggling with a certain decision in my life.  I have always wanted to go to Haiti and as much as I tried to ignore the fact that I am being called there by a much higher power than me, the desire was there more than ever.   I prayed and told God, “Look if you want me to go , You make a way.”  Not only did he answer my prayer less than two hours later, He paid my way too!!  I mean Paid In Full!!  So, I will be going on my first mission trip to Haiti in July and I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Which prompts me to my next story…Like I said, Missy knows everything about me so of course she knows about my change in Major at LU.  I am still not ready to share because frankly,  I am still terrified that I am making a wrong decision.   I am not one to ask for signsfrom God, but it seems I just stumble upon actual signs in the strangest places.  I mean literally stumble on them….haha.  While we were advancing up the hill to get back to civilization I looked on the ground and found a piece of paper. 


When the poor and needy search for water and there is none, and their tongues are parched from thirst.  I, the LORD, will answer them.  I, the GOD of Israel, will never abandon them

Isaiah 41:17 (NIV)


Missy and I stopped and stared at the little piece of paper in amazement…It didn’t actually dawn on me until this evening after I came home and had a chance to catch my breath that God answered my prayer not only about going to Haiti but also changing my major   

(I also decided to leave that little note where I found it on the side of the mountain for someone else to get a surprise blessing)

I had often described my life the past two years as climbing a mountain.  I referred to scripture in the Bible about Mountains, I want to share some of  my favorites with you. 

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10 (NIV)


….Because you have so little faith.  Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.

Matthew 17:21


I haven’t reached the top of my mountain yet, but I am finally heading in the right direction.  It’s been lonely at the bottom, and only the people who have truly hit “rock bottom” can understand what I am talking about.   One day at a time…..that is where I am right now and that is where I will stay.

Guys, if you are at the bottom of your mountain, the first step is looking up.   Then start climbing!!

Until next time my friends…..go somewhere beautiful and have a chat with God. Ya never know, you just may find what you are looking for!






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