What a Day!


Ever wake up with the overwhelming feeling that today is destined to be doomed before it even begins? Well, this little bundle of sunshine felt that way this morning.

The kids happened to be in an amazing mood as they giggled and took selfies all morning. My preteen has discovered her beauty through the world of selfies and Instagram.  I have limited her Instagram to a minimum of two selfies a day and gave her a speech about vanity. Although I did chuckle as her dad and I both agreed this morning that we do have some good looking kids.

After I dropped the kids off at school I came home to a long list of chores ahead of me.   Dry Wall dust still lingers in my house as I am thoroughly spring cleaning each room.  I went to the courthouse to apply for my passport for my 10 day trip to Haiti in July,  and oh yeah did I happen to mention I’m a full time college student?

One day I decided at 38 years old I wanted to do something for myself. Most women would go to the spa or maybe take a trip to the Bahamas, I decided to put myself through school.  I am in my third semester and decided yesterday that I am changing my major. I want to keep this a secret for a while, but I think a lot of people will be very surprised when they find out what I changed my major to.  I cannot be happier with my decision.

This is finals week so I am very busy.  I have a thesis due this week , two tests, a discussion board, and also a biblical dictionary project. Last week I had a biblical dictionary project due and I chose to do it on Hosea.    I wrote that paper with nothing but confidence and when I submitted it to Professor Rick I knew I aced it….I felt like Ralphie on A Christmas Story when he proudly gave his teacher his theme about the Red Rider BB gun.  He day dreamed as his teacher applauded his beautiful paper and she gave him an A+++++++++.  Only to be snapped back into reality with a C- and a note attached “you’ll shoot your eye out”.   

I anxiously waited for my grades to be posted.  I also got a note attached via email saying ” I need you to re write this essay and turn it back in by Sunday.”  I got a big fat 0%!!   

A zero!!!  On Hosea!  I have read and studied Hosea for two years ( thanks to my brother in law Tom, I will always be forever grateful).    I was appalled and mortified.    I rewrote the entire essay this morning only to get another email from my professor saying it’s all wrong again! 

This was the one paper I submitted with incredible confidence.  Every other paper I have ever written terrified me.  Yet I have made A’s on every paper and one is actually being published. 

I spent the morning it absolute terror and frustration.   Then I decided that maybe I should write on Job, since I felt by this point I have the patience of Job. I wrote the entire essay, not completely satisfied, but I figured that it would get the job done. Instead of saving it, I deleted the entire essay. (Oops)

Then I decided maybe I wasn’t supposed to write about Job after all. I thought about writing on Adam, until I got a bad attitude because God didn’t want adam to be alone so he created Eve.   Then they sinned in the Garden of Eden, and well you know the rest. I scratched Adam off my list.

After spending all morning long staring at the computer screen,  my deflated ego and I decided to change the scenery and soak up some Spring sun on the back porch.   Guess what happened next?  Dandelions!!!   I found myself taking a walk in my backyard blowing those little willows and making wishes.  I was reminded of the saying “some see a weed, I see a wish”.    It was also then I was reminded that the yard needed mowed AGAIN.    As if I didn’t have enough to do,  I hopped on the mower.  While I was starting the mower in the garage I was staring at the cinderblock wall ahead of me, and I was prompted to pray.   I thanked God for my beautiful, complicated, somewhat hectic life. I put on my headphones to Casting Crowns and I took off mowing and singing at the top of my lungs, I am quite certain I was louder than the mower but I was determined to praise God!  

I looked out of the corner of my eye and to my surprise,  our neighbor Miss Brenda darted across the street waving at me on her mower as she  started mowing my grass.  I took the front and back yard and she took on the dreaded hill.   She cut an hour off of my yard work today!!  After we finished, she drove the mower over and I gave her a huge hug.  I couldn’t thank her enough for her kindness.  She said ” something told me you might need some help today”.

God…you are there aren’t you?

The day just got better.  I sold our swing set, the kids and I designed our new backyard space in our heads, I cleaned the entire yard which led to a fire in the fire pit, we played some basketball,  kids took a walk with the neighbord, we did some tree house swinging and made ice cream sundaes.   Best part? Tucking them into bed and listening to their sweet honest prayers.

As I type….um, for the Second time because I accidently deleted my first blog. (I can’t make this stuff up…haha)  I find myself sitting next to the crackling fire and staring at the million stars in the sky.  I realize the importance of making every second count.  School will be there tomorrow.  So will the yard, laundry,  dry wall dust.
I was reminded today of the kindness of others and now I will do my best to pay it forward.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

I won’t be writing anymore this week. I am going to take a couple of days off and get some studying in while I spend some time with the people I love….let’s call it a mini vacation.

Until next time my friends!!
Oh and by the way, to all you single mom’s out there with a little thing on the side called a full time job…..You Rock!!!

One thought on “What a Day!

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