As I sit here tonight eating beef jerky and cookies….oh and a couple of Cadbury mini eggs, I’m relaxing in the guest room staring at all the books I have read, want to read and am currently reading. There are a lot of books. Mostly self help, 5 or 6 different Bibles, some children’s books and even a few journals I have scribbled in a time or two. I tend to stay away from the sappy love stories that paint the portrait of couples frolicking on the beach on some deserted island until one of them becomes seriously ill with a mystery disease and dies in the arms of their lover, and as they look into the distant sky they see a shooting star as it is just a reminder that their love will last eternity…, I think my rambling must have something to do with the third Red Bull I gulped down ten minutes ago.
Ok, back to my books.
I have been in search of the perfect book for what seems like eternity. I read my favorite book every morning and night, that is called The Holy Bible.
But….I finally found “the book”, the one I have been searching for. I can’t put it down and it makes perfect sense. This little paperback gem is entitled “AHA, the God Movement That Changes Everything”. AHA is a literary masterpiece.
I have had some serious issues with Mr. Idleman’s books in the past. His book “Gods At War” almost threw me right over the edge. I would read a paragraph, put the book down and then fight with God the rest of the day. This book literally made me miserable!! I had no good days while attempting to read it. (now I know, the devil was having a hay day with me) I have to be honest and tell you that I could not….ok, I would not finish the book. In my narrow mind what he was trying to describe in that book made me insane. “What you are searching for and chasing after reveals the God that is winning the war in your heart”…..that is the most complicated and aggravating phrase I ever heard in my life. I was never ready nor willing to stop pursuing the love of my life. I was searching for answers, the daily why’s eventually took over my life and I was consumed with nothing else. So yes, that was the god that was winning the war in my (broken) heart.

And then it happened, it came from no where….as I was visiting the local Bible book store this week, sitting right next to the checkout was AHA. I quickly picked it up and saw that Mr. Idleman was the author. My first instinct was to run out the door screaming as if I was being chased by a herd of wild buffalo but something told me to give Mr. Idleman one more chance to redeem himself. He did more than redeem himself, he changed my life and my way of thinking.
His whole book is based on my favorite story in the Bible The Prodigal Son….I am not going to spoil it for you because I want you to get your own copy so you can delight in every page as I have. I had my “AHA” moment for sure after reading the book, and guess what, I am reading it again. (this time I have my trusty highlighter)
I may just buy everyone I know a copy for Christmas!!

I think I needed to have my AHA moment before I read “Gods at War”….Yep, I said it. I am going to finish that book If it is the last thing I do on this earth. (it may actually take me that long)
If I am a little cranky with you, or if you don’t see me in public the next few days it is because I am screaming at the sky or staring at the walls. I guarantee you that the devil is going to take every chance he gets while I am trudging through this book to attack me. Good thing I am putting on the armor of God!!

Until next time my friends, go pick up this book.
It is truly “the God movement that changes everything”
(wish me luck)

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