“Selfie Sunday”


Ahhh…The famous world of “Selfies”.  Camera phones are the best!  Every Sunday morning before church we take our weekly “Selfie”.   Adam is all about “Selfie Sunday” whereas Cat, well not so much.
Theres a fine line between wanting to kill her with kindness or just kill her….ok, that was harsh.  But I am quite certain there is a chance that she will be the death of me. Haha.
Cat is not your typical preteen. She has more energy than ten 5 year olds, has no interest in texting her friends, or chasing boys, and will not watch television or sleep in like most kids her age.  Her energy level is off the charts!  So I decided to take advantage of her energy and pent up frustrations last night and take off on a 3 mile walk.  If there is one thing cat and I love to do together it is taking walks.  I usually bring her brother along or maybe a cousin or two, but last night we decided that it would be best to take a walk just with each other. I have to say it was the best walk I’ve taken in my entire life.  We laughed, joked and shared Twizzlers.  We talked about things that have been bothering her and how we are going to fix them… Together as mommy and daughter. We took a shortcut that ended up in a big giant field and there we rolled around in the grass and giggled.  She put lipstick on me and I watched her do at least 100 cartwheels.   But the best part was, we took “selfies”with each other.  Ahhh, the sweet little lips puckered and the light in her eyes, she is absolutely the most beautiful child on this earth and she’s all mine!    so we both promised each other as we were walking back home that we were going to do better. I am going to take more time to understand her, and she is going to do her best not to be so cranky with good ‘ol mom.




I know these are the years where they feel the need to test the waters and see what they can get by with. But I also know that I do not want to spend a second and my life upset or mad with any of my kids. Life is too short. I’ve lost a lot of things over the course of a few short years but I’m not willing to lose my kids. As long as I am breathing on this earth my kids will be the most important people in my life. That is why I take a million pictures with them as often as I can. The memories I make with them will last a lifetime and we will have “selfies” to prove it!!


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