Here’s Your Sign.

Here's Your Sign.

I know a lot of Gideon’s. Always looking for a sign.
Not Happy?

Here’s your sign?
God wants YOU to be happy. He wants YOU to do what is right and honorable. He wants YOU to stop being miserable! He wants YOU to stand on your own two feet. He wants YOU to quit being a victim! If you aren’t happy where you are in life, then do something about it. Stop worrying what people may say about you.
Are you willing to be crucified at work because you stood up for what was right? Are you willing to suffer criticism from friends and even family for following your heart? Are you willing to leave it all behind and move on with YOUR life?

Jesus paid the ultimate price. He suffered for OUR sins when He himself was sinless. He didn’t care what people thought of Him, even as he was dying on he cross for YOUR sins, He said the most selfless statement on earth, “Father forgive them…”

Be a reason someone smiles today. Stop living a life of misery when clearly there is so much to be happy for.

I am praying that you find some resolution in your life…only YOU can change it. If you are looking for someone else to make you happy, then you will always be searching. Happiness comes from within you.

Have a wonderful sunshine filled day!!!

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