An Unlikely Hero

ImageResist the Devil and he will flee from you.

                            James 4:7


Hotel living can get a little mundane after a while.  Tonight after I tucked my little angels into bed, I opened the drawer and there was the Bible.  Now we all know that these Bible’s were likely put there by the Gideon’s, which is a religious group, but how many actually know the story of Gideon.  I did a little Bible study tonight on my own and this is my take on Gideon.

Gideon was a big ‘ol chicken!!  When God first found him, he was hiding in a wine press.  He wasn’t trying to make grape juice.  He was in the wine press trying to thresh wheat.  Gideon was afraid that if he worked out in the open that bandits would steal the wheat from him.

God sent an angel  dressed like a shepherd and he called Gideon “a mighty warrior”.  I am sure at this point Gideon was probably looking to see who else was around, because he knew that there is no way he was talking to him.  Afterall, he was a big ‘ol chicken!!

He asked the angel “if the Lord is with us, then why has all of this happened to us?”   (he was talking about the Midianites who were terrible people.  they would steal food, the cattle and destroy the Israelites villages…..this happened for 7 years)

God has a way of choosing the most unlikely people to do his work….he picked the biggest chicken in the land!!! 

Gideon offered God every possible excuse, but God wouldn’t hear of it.  finally, Gideon said, God, if you really want me to do this, give me a sign.  So he prepared a sacrifice, and per an angels request, laid it on a rock.   The Bible says that the angel took a staff in his hand and touched the rock.  The rock burst into flames and completely consumed the entire offering.   Gideon got his sign loud and clear and he tore down Baal’s alter.  Well, Mr.Chicken took 12 servents with him and he did it late at night, but he did it.  (so let’s give him credit).

By morning, everyone was pretty upset, except Joash, he was impressed that the ‘ol chicken actually did something for once.  He was so impressed as a matter of fact that he gave Gideon a new name: Jerub-bale which means “let Baal plead his own case”.

By this time you would think that Gideon would know by now that God is going to take care of him….But, he didn’t want to trust God just yet.  God asked Gideon to create an army against the Midianites    People came from everywhere to serve with Gideon.  But good ‘ol chicken…I mean Gideon, needed God to give him another sign.    God gave him another sign, and just to be sure Gideon asked for just one more sign.  Now, at this point, God must be chuckling a little.   God gave him another sign, and poor Gideon knew he had to follow through with what God called him to do. 

Gideon was totally flipping out because he didn’t think his army was big enough to defeat the Midianites.  So guess what God did?  he told him, as a matter of fact Gideon, I think you have too many.  (God chuckled again, I’m sure)  

As if Gideon wasn’t afraid enough, God told him to ask the soldiers by show of hands who was too afraid to fight the Midianites.  22,000 men raised their hands.  Gideon, per God’s request, told them to go home.  That left them with around 10,000 men. 

Then God decided to cut the army down a little more by separating the men by the way they drank water from a stream.  If they stuck their heads in the water and lapped it with their tongues as opposed to scooping up the water and drinking with their hands.  This little test knocked the army down to 300 men. 

300 men to 130,000 men….sounds fair to me.  But when you have God on your side, that is all you really need.  That is all Gideon needed.  He ended up attacking at night, and defeated the Midianites.  Not by using brute force, but by scaring them away. 

Gideon and his army were armed with trumpets and smashed pottery…the noise they made actually confused the Midianites so much they ended up slaughtering each other…..All Gideon and his army did was stand up and make some noise for God.


How many of us are willing to stop being chicken?  When are we going to stand up and make some noise for God?  When are we going to take a stand in our homes?  at work?  school?  community?   

I don’t know about you, but I know some big ‘ol chickens in this crazy world.   (not excluding myself)   

Let’s all take a lesson from Gideon.  God can use the most unlikely person to shake things up a bit, to make some noise for him.  I, for one, am up for the task.  I have my own personal Midianites that I plan on conquering, and I am hoping that maybe you can join me in fighting them. 

Tonight while browsing through Facebook, I read a post of a desperate mom at the end of her rope with her child begging for prayers.   Further down, I saw a woman pleading for prayers because she has a visit with her attorney tomorrow, she is thinking of ending her 21 year marriage because of her husband’s year long affair…Yet, she is still holding onto that miracle that God will repair what has been broken.  I saw people asking for financial help and lots of people who are sick and injured.    Seems like everywhere you look, someone is fighting a battle. 

Let us all join together and defeat these enemies….we need to stop letting the devil take from us like the Midianites took from the Israelites.   Let’s make a stand and make some noise for God. 

Funny, I got all of this by opening the drawer In my hotel room tonight…..God must have chuckled a bit,  I know I did.

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