ImageBe Still and Know That I am God…..


I find myself reciting this verse to myself on a daily basis.  As a person who finds it very hard to sit still, I contemplate what it would be like to actually “be still”. 

I am known to bite off more than I can chew. Being a full time college student and Mom can be quite challenging at times.  Then there are circumstances that are beyond my control, like endless snow days, a flooded house, sick kids and parents then the occasional personal disasters I find myself in, makes me even more busy than I had originally planned.  I used to complain sometimes as the daily activities of life found me overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes down right irritable, now I embrace them with joy in my heart, the overwhelming kind of joy that only God can give you.

I meant to write in my blog yesterday, but my day was interrupted by the beautiful warm sunshine that I couldn’t pass up…Another day I found I couldn’t “be still”.

So here is what I decided…maybe in my life I am not supposed to be still. 

I found God yesterday through the glorious sunshine that kept me warm enough to actually turn on the air conditioner in the car as we drove down every country road in two counties.

I saw God through those rolling West Virginia hills full of shadows and sunlight, cattle, wildlife, pigs, sheep, lambs, horses and even a Llama farm.    I saw God through the perfect reflections of the green tinted clear water, the beautiful covered bridges and the beginning of spring peeking its way out of the ground.   Driving past the orchards reminded me that we will soon find ourselves  picking endless supplies of peaches and Apples, I even found myself thinking of that sweet little dog “macintosh” that will greet us as soon as we pull up the long road as we get ready to grab our baskets and start picking the fruit off of the overloaded bending branches.

I heard God yesterday through the snorts of the pigs, the moos of the cows and the sweet little cries of the lambs.  I also heard God through the giggles and squeals of the 5 kids I had with me…singing songs at the top of their little lungs, some on key and some, well, I think they should not pursue a career in music.  Yet, it all sounded beautiful to me.  

I find the true peace of God seeing happy content children playing with their friends, making bonds that I am certain will last a lifetime. The constant laughter and noise, the endless talking and even complaining I find almost serene.

I wouldn’t change it for all the “stillness” in the world…..yet I still see God. 

I find myself in  “Almost Heaven.”








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