I’m Drowning…and I Can’t Get Up

ImageI am convinced that I may be cursed. 

Anyone who has gone through a divorce knows that the worst thing about divorcing your significant other is having to get your own health insurance….(yes, I honestly believe that is the complete worst thing that can possibly happen in a divorce!!)   I never ever ever go to the Doctor unless I feel it is necessary…(obviously not ever necessary since I was married to one!!!)   A year ago this month, I had to apply for health insurance.  since I am unbelievably healthy, I chose he cheapest insurance with the $5,000 deductible.  I knew that I would never have to use it unless I had an emergency. 

Well, go figure…a month after I applied for  this lovely insurance, I got a kidney stone and landed myself in the hospital.  $6,000 later and my deductible being met very quickly, I found myself in debt.   I hate being in debt.  I am the person who refuses to own a credit card because I remember those poor poverty stricken medical school years when we lived off of credit cards and my parents had to pay our rent.  Oh, those were the days!!!

I finally paid off the deductible last week…and well, found a lump on my breast.  Three doctors visits and two mammograms later I found out that all is well and I am thankful to God that he has spared me from any further worries.  

Then, there was yesterday.  My son and I were playing ball in the house…How many times have I yelled at the kids to “Stop playing ball in the house!!!”?    My dearest friend sent me a link to her latest blog entry and I found myself fascinated reading her words of wisdom, then next thing I knew WHAM!!!!!   Ball hit me square in the nose and blood was everywhere!!   Yes, my son broke my nose.    A trip to the ER and two Xrays later, and an appointment with the ENT Tuesday, I found myself lying in bed last night with an ice pack on my face thinking….I am once again $5,000 in debt!  

Today I have decided to be thankful for health insurance and  happy that anything else that may land me in the ER or a visit to the doctor will be covered.   Paying off $5,000 is nothing compared to  what would have happened if I didn’t have insurance at all.  There is always a silver lining I guess.   haha….made me chuckle a bit.

In my last blog, I planned on a fresh start this week complete with cutting out my greatest addiction…Red Bull and Cadburry Mini Eggs.  I am happy to say, I have not eaten one mini egg!    But, I fell off the wagon and indulged in a cold can of liquid crack this morning.  I am blaming my headache on lack of caffeine instead of my giant swollen bruised crooked broken nose.  I think I deserved to have one 8oz. can this morning, right?

In the past two days, I have had a mammogram, stopped eating chocolate, fell off the Red Bull wagon , broke my nose and became $5,000 in debt…..oh yeah, and the kids were out of school due to yet another snow storm.  Then there is another little issue that I will keep to myself for now, you guys will find out sooner than later I’m sure….but please please please keep praying about this situation.

Guess what?  I AM BLESSED.  No matter how hard that stinking devil tries, he is not going to get me down.  

Proverbs 31:25 says  She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future!!

So drowning is not an option, I’m going to get back up and start a new day tomorrow. 

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