Home is where your Mom is.

Home is where your Mom is.

As we embark on yet another snow day, I find myself tip toeing around the house for fear I will wake the kids up. I am trying to squeeze in the last few minutes of “mommy time” before I make breakfast, wash dishes, do laundry, clean floors, make beds, fix lunch, wash dishes (again), fold laundry, break up fights, beg them to take a shower and brush their teeth….and the list goes on and on.
Being a stay at home mom is not as glamorous as some people may think. I am overwhelmed at the tasks ahead of me for the day before the day begins. I sometimes look in the mirror and think where my life has gone. I see my failures. I see someone who rarely dresses up, because really, where am I going to go? No one cares what I am wearing when I pick the kids up from school, or drop them off at dance class or ball practice. Being a stay at home mom has made me tired, and I feel worthless most of the days because all I have to look forward to is unclogging the toilet or changing sheets on the beds. The endless dirty cereal bowls and laundry piles, the soaking wet snow boots that trample through my freshly mopped hardwood floors, the “Mom, I’m hungry” heard at least ten times a day can be quite overwhelming at times.

I see mom’s that have it all together. They strive to have the perfect family, the perfect body, the perfect children, the perfect house, cook dinner every night and kids are bathed and in bed by 8pm. While others, including myself these days, are satisfied if I put a bra on and my hair in a baseball cap. To you perfect mom’s out there (and I know a few in this little town) My hat off to you…oh no, maybe I should leave my hat on since I haven’t showered since Sunday. Ok, I commend you for making people like me look like a slacker!!
My Grandma had ten kids…TEN KIDS. She worked hard every day while my Grandfather went underground in the mines, which eventually took his life when he passed away from black lung. I love to hear the stories that my mom, Aunts and Uncles tell of when they were growing up. From Burying their chicken in the back yard singing “Jimmy Cracked Corn and I Don’t Care” with little Danny (which is what my mom and Aunt called their baby brother David). My mom recalls a time when they were living in Asbury that they saw a cow give birth on the way home from school, they were so eager to run home and tell Grandma what happened, only to be spanked and scolded for watching such a thing. My mom says they never knew Grandma was pregnant until she started powdering the baby clothes again. After having 8 kids, Grandma started running out of names so mom , the ninth of the ten kids, was named by a nurse at the hospital.
Then there is my mother….another perfect example of how I fail every day as a stay at home mom. She was obsessed with a clean house. I never ever remember our house ever being dirty, not even cluttered. She always vacuumed backward to avoid showing foot prints on the carpet, only to dust the furniture (everyday), then vacuum again because she dusted the furniture…laundry was done and she ironed everything including dad’s hanky’s!!
Growing up, when asked what I wanted to be someday, I always said I want to be a stay at home mom. I never wanted to be anything else. Well, here I am. Working the most underpaid under-appreciated, non-glamorous job known to man. Thank God the days are over that I actually don’t smell like sour milk and poop!!
Kids are up, I have already gotten at least ten kisses. Adam and I have wrestled on the couch and I have given him two wedgies. Cat has been giggling and doing cartwheels and will never let a song finish before starting another on the ipod. When she does finish a song, it is usually Justin Beiber because she knows that he drives her bother and I crazy!!! SpongeBob is blaring in the kitchen over Justin Beiber now as I make chocolate chip pancakes. Dog’s are needing fed. Bed’s will need changed today, kids are already talking about sledding, so that means wet dirty floors and more laundry……………I think you get the point.
I have got to be the luckiest person on earth to enjoy yet another snow day with these little hoodlums. Not very many people get to live such a lavish lifestyle as I do, and for that I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to be a MOM!!!

4 thoughts on “Home is where your Mom is.

  1. lori wickline says:

    You are a fabulous writer my dear friend. You reveal the matters of the heart so sincerely. And with transparency. Which I am drawn to. From one stay at home Mom to another, I can remember and relate all too well. Amid the mixture of “ordinary” day in and day out life stuff there is something beautiful taking place. I have entered the next phase of this motherhood thing. The phase when you begin to see a glimpse of the results of all those endless, mundane moments. And girlfriend, it’s the most fulfilling emotion I’ve ever encountered. No other contentment compares (until grandchildren I’m told). The part of us we pour into our children and the part of Jesus we reflect in their presence is building the next generation of people living with their eyes wide open and filled with integrity! Now get back to that laundry and pancakes and keep up the good work. The end products are gonna be out of this world! Muah!


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