Daddy Can’t Sew

Daddy Can't Sew

Kintsukuroi: “To repair with Gold” The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the place is more beautiful for having been broken.

This morning while getting the kids ready for school, my son begged me to wear the pants that his daddy bought him. The pants were too big in his waist so we rolled them once…then, I looked down. To my horror, Daddy hemmed the pants!!
After spending the better part of the morning fighting with my son that he was not going to embarrass me by wearing the pants until I had them professionally hemmed, I finally caved in and let him wear them. I told him if anyone says anything about his pants, please tell them they are from daddy’s house and I was not responsible for dressing him……My son looked at me and said, “Mom, I don’t tell anyone that you and daddy are divorced. Can we pretend the pants belong to both of you?”

Well, after I accepted my trophy for Mother of the Year this morning, I took the kids to school. Pulled into the driveway of our home, but couldn’t get out of my car until I asked God to forgive me for being so callous and mad at the man I still love.
He used the skills he learned from years of medicine and used them in the most unusual way to make his son happy. Although, they may not have been close to perfect, he stitched them up and he was able to go to school today proud of the pants his Daddy bought him….Can we just pretend the pants belong to both of you? (Makes my heart ache to even type those words)
The pants may not belong to both of us, But that smart little guy wearing them will always be “ours”.

I am a potter, I do it as a hobby and I am quite proud of my creations. Last week while making some trays, I noticed a big crack on the edge. Instead of throwing it away because of the flaw, I kept it just the way it was because I thought it looked unique. I could have taken more clay and built around it to make it sturdy, but I looked at the crack and imagined how beautiful and unique that flaw would look once glazed.

This morning made me think about the flaws in my life and how I am willing to repair them.
The Bible says, But now, O Lord, thou art the potter: we are the clay, and thou our potter: and we are all the work of your thy hand. Isaiah 64:8
My son gave me a valuable lesson this morning. He showed me that being a family is more important than perfectly hemmed pants. God sees past our flaws and He makes us beautiful in His own way and in his own time.
I was embarrassed over something so foolish as his imperfect pants and he was embarrassed that his mom and dad were divorced.
Oh, if I could take back those words to my son this morning, I would, but I think that God used my little man to show me what is truly important. Repairing our family.
I am going to now look at my family through the crack of my pottery, and don’t try to make it perfect, but look at our flaws and realize it can still be beautiful.

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